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Published Sep 14, 21
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we have been dating since 2 years now i am a typical girlfriend who love emotional talks and asking him to do this do that for me in a relationship its like our way of showing love which is our love languages are different. which makes it hard for us to understand each other and makes it toxic .

on June 19, 2020:so cute on June 03, 2020:My boyfriend and i have been dating for 1 year and 6 months in the beggining it was all the puppy love lovey dovey phase and things started changing... He is a very out going person and socialable spontaneous... And i love this about him but mostly because i do things with him too and he makes me want to do new exciting things too..

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He is degrading and insulting at times... I love him alot and i want him to be my life partner and to get married and settle down and have kids but i dont think his mindset is on the same track as mine... My problem is he recently started playing call of duty and when i go to visit him we watch movies and then he wants to play games while im there to spend time with him and i spoke to him about it but he became defensive and said alot of mean things and has not apologized to me....

It’s the same shit different day from them, and I am at a loss on how to shake up my relationship so we can both feel more emotionally and physically fulfilled. I am very vocal about my emotions and how their actions make me feel, but honestly it goes in one ear and out the other! I feel like an old married couple celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary! And not in the good way haha.

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I need to feel real human emotion from my partner and right now it feels like they are just going through the motions. It is a hard spot to get out of. Any and all advise is helpful. :) on May 08, 2020:He said that I should give him space on May 07, 2020:Every time I try to give my boyfriend a kiss he always avoids it by moving his head in a different direction at first it was cute but he has been doing it for the past 4 months when I told him to stop he just changed how to avoid more by biting any piece of fabric it’s now really getting on my nerves any ideas on May 02, 2020:My boyfriend likes to Face, Time me and then make me watch him play games.

It seemed like he was listening and he said he would fix it but he has done absolutely nothing to improve. I feel so bored when ever we talk and most of the time I end up crying on the phone and he doesn’t even notice cause he’s too busy watching You, Tube.

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Every time he calls me I know what’s going to happen. I’ve started lying to him and saying that I’m busy and can’t talk and I feel horrible for doing that but I’m tired of sitting there with nothing to do and no one to talk to. I love him so much and I really want to spend the rest of my life with him, but I’m afraid that if I say something he’s going to break up with me.

Another problem is I feel like he’s controlled every single thing of apart of my life like I used to have friend and I wanna go out and go dancing or something than stay at home all day but my boyfriend thinks that all my friends are bad influence and I shouldn’t hang out with them he has persuaded me into thinking that he’s the only person I need and I’ve been nothing but depressed because of this I feel like I’m trapped and have no where to go.

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Buh late last year we started having issues....he complains abt everything I do... He doesn't want to spend time with me.... He doesn't even feel attached to me sexually or emotionally anymore.... Am confused, I don't know if he has a new gal or is he tired of me?? If so y does he tells me he loves me more than I can imagine....

I really love him if not I could have left d relationship cos I am no more comfortable with his attitude towards me on December 22, 2019:My bf when he’s with me he makes me feel so much love. But I’m very picky about everything and that push him away.